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The algorithm that calculated injury risk was a modified version of sports injury prevention company Move2Perform’s technology. The system stratifies soldiers into one of four risk categories, with prescriptions for each one, including exercises for moderate-risk soldiers and clinical visits for high-risk soldiers. The report is then printed and given to patients, but also sent directly to their electronic health record.

-Jonah Comstock, Mobile Health News

I doubt China is going to be stealing the new Move2Perform algorithm and have it on the black market anytime soon. The algorithm is five lines of code and is actually regression to what was being done with the Navy in the 1940s. This is embarrassing! I worked with a few military athletes and people need to calm down with the myths of the Navy Seals being in crazy shape. They are fit certainly, but passing their fitness tests is not as important as courage under fire, something dramatically different when one is at war.

Speaking of the Navy, in 1999 they were doing pressure mapping with the use of Tekscan’s equipment, and were looking at specific foot structure and injury rates at a far better approach then the study on how being out of shape can cause injuries. What I do find weird is the fifth metatarsal injury rates in professional soccer not being seen as preventable, as the LA Galaxy had two athletes suffer with that injury. Pro teams not using the best solutions is strange, because years ago the Military seemed to be ahead of the curve with solving problems and soon after elite sport started to take advantage of the high budget low regulation environment but now the tables are turned. Last week two military guys were at the QS conference because consumer based products are now more innovative and are disrupting sport and military.

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