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The irony of the picture is the FMS tool in the background, and should be be rethinking the limits of movement screens? With so many teams using it we are not seeing improvements in injury reduction? I use movement screens and believe in some of the tests in the FMS such as the overhead squat, but my concern is that we are not looking at the bigger picture or zooming into the smaller one. Let’s think about the issues of last year. First ray restriction (turf toe), adductor and low back issues, and finally the ACL. If Derrick Rose is to come back, the issues are now between the ears instead of between the knee. Functional Mental Screen? A lot of blame is going on, and the Bulls players that are competing hurt are damaging their bodies because of playoff mode. I am not saying the FMS failed, but the FMS can’t do everything such as predict injury. I am sure Rose is is over 14 on his FMS, but like the 110% quote by the doctor, numbers are going to be meaningless when God and Muscle Memory are the metrics of choice here.

Eventually Derrick will play, be it against the Heat or next year. The real question is he ready to play with both mind and body? Is his doubt just between his ears or he is listening to his body so well he can feel the asymmetry between steps? Dominating scrimmages to a tired NBA team is like shooting fish in a barrel, and Rose knows this. With practice footage a micro limp can be seen as the delay in gait curve is currently lingering like a ghost. This will not go away without trust (mental) and correction (rehab) with the right people outside the organization. Time will tell what happens but motor programs make things permanent, and some sprints haunt longer than others without the right priest.

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