Final Thoughts on Cueing


One of the current discussions on teaching is the use of cues and feel that the best approach is task given and letting the athletes figure it out. Athletes have brains and letting them use them right is the correct approach. Magic words sometimes work by wizard coaches , but if you are the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, remember it’s best to start off with light spells before getting into the more arcane. Where is the evidence of all the cueing methods in blogs? Text with video is just words without evidence. I am the believer that things take time and sometimes better coaches can find the best way (words or not) to unlock learning. Most of the best lessons I have learned are from coaches who were humble and share their videos over time. Some showed rapid advancements and many shared the time it took to make change that was faster, not just looking better. Some super coaches have taken some of my athletes and cleaned them up nearly overnight, and that was not because of external cueing, but giving them the right mix of confidence, comfort, and tasks to learn.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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