BDNF and Sprinting


One of the mysteries of Sprinting is how brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is elevated at rest with international level sprinters in Brazil over their domestic counterparts? With strength training not showing any real changes or adaptations to BDNF, why are they elevated? Some things are brewing for Rio. One sub 10 sprinter recently tested at 4800 pg/mL at rest and nearly 8000 pg/mL post race. What is going on? Perhaps it was skipping drills that are acting as brain candy (sarcasm) but likely it’s a combination of massive running volumes and type IIX fiber. With tempo volumes hitting near cross country levels with some groups, I wonder how the body is able to adapt. The brain is a marvelous organ and I think the future will be seeing how the brain can be unlocked for more speed with real training protocols.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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