Dr. Bruce Williams and World Class Podiatry


One of the top podiatrists in North America and a great resource is Dr. Bruce Williams, and he did a webinar for sportsrehabexpert.com recently. I got a sneak preview of his powerpoint a few days ago after asking what he thought the future of podiatry was, and boy was it cutting edge. With all of the interest in SportVu, I disagree of how it’s changing sport as much as pressure mapping and gait analysis. In the future we will see more sensors available for teams but the new real time bluetooth foot sensors and MMG smart fabric codenamed the panther skin is already helping sprinters with near TMG features. I will go into more detail about the pros and cons of SportVu and will show what top teams are brewing with the technology later. Until then enjoy the video by Dr. Kelly.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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