Brain Boosting?


A second use of neurodoping might be in skill acquisition. Skills learned in the context of anodal tDCS are acquired more rapidly and reproduced more accurately than those learned without.

Dr. Davis from Neurodoping: Brain stimulation as a performance-enhancing

Looks like the Doping community is ahead of the testing with brain drugs. Years ago nootropics were popular because many of them were legal and promoted health to the brain. Unfortunately a serious black market, specifically in Canada, for drugs and methods to overclock athlete’s brains. I overheard a few coaches talk about what the emerging problems will be down the road to some of the athletes experimenting with EMS and smart drugs, but nobody is talking about this. With concussions being serious in the NFL and people spooked about brain injury, why are people talking about ADHD medications instead of the heavier drugs? It’s like the 1990s when people talked about Andro because nobody wanted to talk about the steroid problem in baseball. Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation or PENS like methods with some darker and unknown brain hacking is creating some interest with WADA. Nobody wants to talk about it but how does one test the nervous system? HRV scores of 1000 instead of 85?

The good news is that good guys exist in sport that can help athletes get better naturally and safely. Dr. John Marchese is speaking at BSMPG at the pre-conference workshop and I look forward to screening the brain and maximizing performance ethically. Time will tell what people do outside the vision training nonsense I saw last year but I think a good neuroscience text can help coaches and medical specialists rethink what the CNS really is.

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