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Anyone not going to BMSPG this year will be missing some great people. I am happy that Art Horne got Dr. Cardinale, Dr. McGill, Fergus Connolly, Bob Alejo, Randy Huntington, and other great people such as Bill Knowles and Mark Lindsay. I strongly suggest attending if you can, as the Keynote presenter will be Marco Cardinale from Great Britain. London was a big success overall, but it will be interesting to see what sport science was doing on the British side. If you are in the northeast or a professional team that wants the best information in sports, the BSMPG is the crown jewel of conferences. I no longer attend other conferences because the best people always seem to start with the BSMPG Summer Conference. Also, a great set of vendors showcasing the best equipment and services will be there to get everyone ahead of the competition.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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