Hacking the Algorithm


A few days ago Eduardo Parra García posted about a return to play algorithm for the hamstring. I wondered if it was a Red Herring because the best algorithm I have seen first hand was in a different part of Spain and used Tensiomyography, Pulse Technology, and a few other measurements. It was sold for 10,000 Euros and so far it has worked better than other protocols. The Hamstring Algorithm proposed as tons of gaps and questionable research to support it, but it’s important that people are talking about Algorithms as they are the cornerstone to the future of sports medicine and performance. Last week I purchased a 6,000 USD algorithm for return to play for fitness in soccer for a client, and it’s making me think the new market is going to be what is under the hood, not what is on a dashboard. Before people jump on the algorithm bandwagon, one must be warned, it’s a nasty game out there. Many start-ups and consultants are selling vaporware and one must see if a patent is available or similar to validate they truly put the effort into it. With algorithms being ahead of the research, one has to be a careful shopper.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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