KlipFolio- Disrupting The Early AMS


After Jose Fernandez mentioned Klipfolio in his stellar interview I was a little worried that the good stuff was being leaked. Now on twitter I am seeing a lot of action with big names such as Marco Cardinale and Mladen Jovanovic. I am excited to see what Fergus Connolly presents at BSMPG this year as Art Horne has lined up many of the requested speakers and it should sell out soon. My prediction is that all of the AMS systems that are being sold for six figures are the next laser discs. They are going to be dodo birds very soon as internal products that are custom and third party products are growing and offer so much. One company is Klipfolio that offers a service that can create simple yet effective dashboards and aggregators. The future is going to be murky, but we are seeing some great innovations in IT that will help coaches see the big picture, such as this screenshot of Mladen’s approach to monitoring.

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Carl Valle

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