I wanted to thank people who contacted me as we all know what happened yesterday. The Boston Marathon was rocked by explosions and many people were hurt and some reports say three people died, including a poor child of only 8. Emotionally I am angry that coward(s) could do such a thing, but I am confident that my city will have the resolve to be ready for 2014. We, like many here know, have a history of defending ourselves and we will be fine. A few years ago I was invited and offered to have brunch at the finish line but being a coach, I was busy. Politically I will not get into what should be done, but I know one way to help. Give blood. Not just because the events triggered an acute response, but give it. Every time I give blood I know I am helping one person and sometimes I miss donations because no connection directly exists but today is different. I am O negative and that means I am the universal donor and can help more than I can receive. Please give blood if you can, and if you are an athlete, think about doing it after your season is over if you are worried about interference. Thanks.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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