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With the events in Rutgers being displayed on video, we will see technology such as google glass create a major disruption with teams and sport in general. I remember when the first camera phone was available and how health clubs banned them. Imagine dozens of people streaming video from their eyes via google glass or some of the new contacts being developed and what that is going to do. Honestly I have no clue what impact that will be, but I do know it will be mixed. This is nothing new, since any AD stopping by unannounced to view practice is part of the big brother changes we are seeing with technology and social media. Twitter is alive like busy hornets nest with activity, and soon it will explode as the digital age advances.

Sano Intelligence is getting a lot of hype and I must say that having a API for the blood stream real time is very powerful, but even blood draws have limitations. For example the half life of some biomarkers are not accurate depictions of what is going on and currently the patch isn’t going to be able to get a bunch of biomarkers at the same time. Even if you did the analytic engine would have to be massive to remove noise, and you would still have manual interpretation with some research being conflicting. I mentioned yesterday that WellnessFX has a massive panel of biomarkers, but the question I have is if all of those data streams were real time, what would we do with them? With kids in Oregon getting surgery from overtraining complications, what would happen if we had real time data? Rhabdomyolysis unfortunately has biomarkers that are too late, and we need far more patience with program design. With all of the sport science available, we are seeing more injuries now and it’s growing.

Video Analysis is growing, now IP cameras are growing, along with motion capture. Will this change things? Only if policy catches up with the technology.We are seeing more video of coaches coaching, is it a good thing? I am not sure, but I hope so. How many times do people put on an act if visitors are watching? What if one wants to come down hard but is afraid that raising a voice is not politically incorrect? What if an athlete is being a diva and they are not training with good technique and get hurt? Who is at fault? I think transparency in the weight room is a good thing, but can a 5 second delay time like at the USOC training center be a distraction.

Voice or what we say is just as damaging or perhaps wonderful. Sometimes a bad race pep talked followed by a monster performance would be great to learn from. Being a fly on the wall is growing, but I also feel privacy is necessary to build trust. On the other hand, I have heard some pretty nasty stories of closed door meetings that were truly sinister and bane. Privacy works both ways. At the end of the day the technologies and policies are going to change things in sport. Like it or not we must take advantage of it and ensure it doesn’t interfere what the goals of making people better.

Technology has helped me be more curious and respectful to the limits we have. At the end of the day, a few days of being naked without technology is one of the most wonderful experiences.

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