Synthroid- Necessary or Masking Inflammation?


In the early 2000s the cytokine hypothesis of overtraining made me rethink CNS fatigue, but today the interest in why athletes are taking thyroid medications. In the Wall Street Journal, it seems that athletes are having issues with Thyroid function, and some heated discussion of why athletes will be taking synthroid. I have believed for years that inflammation is one of the reason why athletes may be testing poorly and are taking thyroid drugs to treat symptoms. I know WellnessFX has a complete thyroid panel, but my concern is that the interpretation without the complete story may address the more surface metrics but not the underlying root cause. With any drug, complex complications can create less known issues such as disruptions to HRV. While I am not 100% confident in this study, low iron subjects had poor thyroid function and that could explain why a full panel could explain why some biomarkers are off. In the future blood analysis is going to smartphone ready, dirt cheap, and help healthcare manage us like bad drivers with insurance costs.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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