Hurdle One- Best Ever?


With the seven or eight steps being the talk in hurdle circles, the question is what performance in the 1980s to 2000s had the fastest first hurdle ever? Talking to PJ Vazel it seems on record the fastest was Mark McKoy in 1992 while running in Barcelona. Two people such as Mark Crear and Dayron Robles have run close (2.47) but 2.46 is so far the best documented performance. I personally believe people may have gone faster, such as Tony Dees as I have seen some unbelievable practices during his 2000 season and on video of the Richo tour as well as commissioned sport science breakdown at meets by directors I bet the farm a 2.45 is in there somewhere. I am not finding the meets I need but it’s interesting to see Falk Balzer get away with some home cooking in the 60m hurdles as well as seeing some lesser meets have athletes simply attack hurdle one. The reason I bring this up is that the fastest hurdle split is by an 8 step hurdler. Terrence Trammell must have some great performances as well. Mark Crear, an 8 step hurdler has matched Daryon, in his WR race while running at Zurich. Tony Dees in the early 1990s ran a 2.5 in the same meet, but his later years was focused on indoors and I am still believing someone at some meet ran a fast 2.45 with eight steps. Not that I am thinking 7 steps is a mistake, I think it’s an option that is for the right athlete. The question is what are the benefits later in the race and how do we analyze that?

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