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Warm-up and Cool Down? Are we done talking about it? So long as people are pulling up lame and getting hurt, we will see more references to John Smith and random posts on Thermochromic shirts.The issue I have is what is the best way to know if one is warming up besides our eyes? Do cool downs help reactivate the PSNS? Does microstretching change cortisol and brain waves to help sleep? Lot’s of theories but the truth is we don’t really know what is going on. Research shows that power may not be different at temperatures that are higher. Some enzymes need a rise in temperature. Endorphin response is rather variant with exercise, and CWI (cold water immersion) may help ignite parasympathetic changes, but research shows the neuromuscular contractile pattern can be compromised by the wrong sequence. Solution warm up longer, more gradual, and warm down with exercises to reinforce range of motion. Cooling down is easy, both for temperature and by products, time will take care of that when doing light movements.

My focus this summer is to find new ways to address the need for variety in warming up without just doing stuff because athletes are bored. I have always changed warm-ups slightly but need to plan them out with far more effort now. If people can share their warm-ups in detail in the discussion area it would be great to learn from everyone.

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