Radiate Athletics- Thermochromic Hype or Missed Potential?


Every day I look to see what start-ups in Cambridge and San Francisco are doing to get their product on the market on Kickstarter. Crowdfunding is a way to source the crowd for projects and it’s also a way to con the masses via internet. The Radiate shirt has a lot of potential, as I use Thermochromic fabrics as part of my training to keep people interested in the most routine of needs, actually warming up. Soon it will be Joseph and the Technicolor Under Armour as the fabric is not new. In fact such fabrics have been around for 40 years, but it’s hard to keep people interested in mood rings and other fads to become a viable part of training. I think it’s a way to help coaches see who may be working hard but motion is enough as coaches have eyes for sweat stains. I think the dyes can be adjusted with Thermography to see trouble zones, as I have used circular stitching around long pants to see fascial tones near achilles and other trouble zones. One problem is indoor training or bubbles must be needed as weather changes by the hour and season. Radiate shirts have potential if the company makes a few tweaks, and I am excited to see if the popularity comes back again. Making the tried and true interesting for athletes is the name of the game.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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