Night Cloud- Who will Survive Digital Sleep?


I am sad to see the Local company Zeo in what looks to be lights out with their product. I am saddened because sleep is vital, but I knew compliance would be an issue with headgear with the Zeo system. I have to hand it to Ben Rubin, a visionary who knew sleep was about the platform and the hardware simply ran out of time. Ben is a sharp guy and I hope he continues to merge the Quantified Self Movement into daily life of the general population. It looks like sleep technology is going to use the heart instead of the brain to get data from an acquisition perspective. HRV can be used to capture sleep architecture at night, and with smart fabrics, specifically the ones out of South Africa, select athletes are sleeping and getting three primary data sets. Sleep data, supine HRV, and standing HRV. I am looking forward to seeing what the project Night Cloud does with military and athletes as it will trickle down to the regular consumer. With the smart fabrics I am interested to see what company wins the sleep war I saw coming a year ago.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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