Pronation- More Complicated than Activation


Darin Padua posted this picture of RG3 and I was actually saddened as this is an athlete who is truly gifted. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that RG3 has some impairments and it makes sense that it’s likely that glutes firing is not working to solve this problem. Firing glutes better is not going to fix the collapse of his knees. Cueing, be it internal or external is not fast enough or reflexive to help this either. Often strength coaches will see this an cue different foot pressure modifications and that may work during the lift, but in real movement it’s limited. Here we have a multi million dollar athlete that has the same cliche problem we see at ACL prevention conferences. I don’t see Darin Padua as being a finger pointer, but he must be praised for sharing the obvious, even if it’s not pretty or comfortable. With Adidas promoting his return, critics and medical experts believe they should learn to get those involved with Derrick Rose to fix his underlying issues that are still not addressed. The strength and conditioning coach can only do so much, and it’s going to be up to the medical department to be more biomechanical and less surgical to solve age old problems in sport.

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Carl Valle

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