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My journey back to social media was suppose to be a short one. Just a quick visit to grab contacts and now I am seeing a lot of discussion on twitter and how everyone is in the trenches. Coaching track gives me my 20-25 hours a week of personal freedom, but I think blogging has helped me write down thoughts as I would never log my ideas unless it was to entertain my friends. So what do I read for blogs? I read Henk’s Blog and Andrew Flatt’s blog. Henk is Henk, and is one of the most holistic coaches and proven to be way ahead of his peers even today. Andrew Flatt is the new blood. A guy that is one part iron and one part science. Perhaps his blog is the only one that actually shows data for HRV. Not to attack anyone, but I find it strange how many people talk about data but nobody has a single slide to share 4 months of data or more? With many lessons in sport taking years, I guess a simple screenshot (with affiliate code) is all people can share.

The other topic of interest is Roger White, a coach up in the snowy Michigan area who helped prepare the fastest 60m hurdler as of last week in the country. No ego, no talk about random philosophers, no secret agendas to be speaking at the conference of choice, but a good guy that has done the homework and it has shown. The stories we don’t hear on facebook are often the best ones, and it’s great to see how coaches are getting champions who are running in the hallways without super facilities and massive numbers. With a handful of drills and vertical integration influenced model, Roger has done an amazing job with just a little amount of resources.

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Carl Valle

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