Spring Training- Needs Improvement


I can’t help but wonder if Moneyball is an inside joke, especially after reading the Stan Conte article in ESPN the magazine. Recently some photos of MLB spring training demonstrated that the boys will be boys and nobody wants to admit that training in professional baseball (major league level) is not much different than the local Zumba class. I honestly feel bad for professional strength and conditioning coaches trying to do an honest job because people simply don’t train, and when they do the effort isn’t there. 14 years ago I interned with the Tampa Bay Rays and it ranged from but most of them were hard working athletes who cared and were respectful. The game is about skills and good genetics and durability is a mystery to MLB teams because they are dealing with player compliance. No matter what you know as a coach, it’s what athletes will buy into. With private coaches doing side freelance work how does one know what data is tainted?

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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