Uncharted- Sub 12.80


I wrote a Key Performance Indicators for the 110m hurdles because touchdowns were done with the eyeballs or painfully done via slow motion and manual software support. How is Andreas and other coaches going to get people in the 12.7s in the future? I predicted 12.80-12.85 in March and I was thrilled to see a monster performance by Merrit. If one looks at the tables by a few websites, note no touchdowns are listed below 12.80 so what are we going to do? Many coaches over the years have had the unique challenge of lowering world records that are not charted by models or formulas. True some sport scientist may suggest an approach, but often creativity solves the gap by thinking of something radical or just extremely simple that it’s almost blinding. I feel that 12.67 is the limit as the splits indicated from the run in Brussels that more is possible because not one super breakthrough was done, but a complete race was executed. What we will see with seven steps or even a return to 8 with perhaps different methods of improving running times (flight times have stagnated) are the future.

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