Chicago- No Rose for You


With its sound bites and made-for-TV drama, the tone of Derrick Rose’s return has at least one member of the Chicago media questioning who’s really in control of the former MVP’s comeback.

-David Haugh

Lot’s of hype about the return of Derrick Rose and it’s not going to happen this year, unless Chicago wants to risk complications. Adidas is dealing with the public and media documented failed comebacks of three stars (Rubio, Rose, and Howard) as all of them are not playing up to expectations or at all. The media and contract pressures mounting, I think Derrick should take the year off to be safe. Derrick Rose is still struggling and the question is why? Many believe that the early rehabilitation was rushed and botched. With conflicts of interest clearly pressured, why is he not thriving now? I don’t have the answer as I am not privy to such information, but the questions one can ask about Rose one can ask about any rehabilitation process. When is an athlete ready. Even if the benchmarks (if one has them) are aligned, they still need to be parallel with the athlete’s mind. I believe right now the same issues that caused the injury in the first place is interfering with the recovery of the new injury. Chicago has a great strength and conditioning coach as his peers speak highly of what they do, but the question we have is how did their medical consultant say 110% was the magic number?

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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