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I have to give two thumbs up to the recent updates from Gymaware. If you are a strength and conditioning coach or serious track coach and interested in a practical way to monitor and develop power, using Gymaware is a no-brainer. Americans have been fooled by Tendo units and Gymaware is a fantastic tool. Mladen often speaks about the difference between producing power and expressing it. Lower extremity power is such clear need by athletes , and I am surprised that more teams are not using a the power tool to gage fatigue and monitor the improvements of power in the offseason. Coach Jovanovic can be seen here using the portable device in the youtube video and it’s a great way to get lifts and jumping.

I like what they are doing at Kansas and Sparta Science with movement signatures, yet financially I think the use of Gymaware is much smarter and you can use it with more athletes. Having one or even two 25,000 force plates to do vertical jumps is very expensive for even most colleges. Also using it once a month with some athletes isn’t effective as something daily with everyone. As Gymaware becomes more popular, we will see it used more creatively by teams.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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