Fried Chicken- Don’t get Cute


In the 1990s a new label for strength and conditioning was coined, it was performance enhancement specialist. Soon those that were only a CSCS had to deal with those that did a little of everything and more. I do like Athletic Development coach because it is more holistic, but Strength and Conditioning coaches is a great title because those two biomotor abilities are really the primary aspects of training and have lost favor recently. During the blizzard this weekend I watched a little TV to relax and watched TopChef. It always makes me think if they had TopCoach what would the outcome be with all the popular experts. One of the challenges was to make fried chicken and it was funny to see how something simple and clear became bastardized by those wanting to put their own spin on it. Wolfgang Puck was awesome and made it clear that following directions and was key. Many of the participants just went too cute and added ethnic flair or twists, resulting in bad fried chicken. I think we have too much of that with coaching, as plan A becomes too simple, and general strength training with convention means isn’t much and lacks sizzle. Sometimes it takes guts to do the most straightforward aspects of coaching and let the cute stuff stay in personal training. It’s not popular to be straight forward, but I think sometimes we get too smart at times and want to do more breathing and corrective work when the obvious is right in front of us.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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