is the Signal in the Signature?


For years now coaches have been able to track how far a player runs during a game. But by combining that knowledge with biosignatures time-stamped to any point in the game, coaches can understand how hard they are working each player and how the different positions on the field compare with one another. That information has allowed coaches to make changes in training based on the data, Tenney says.

– Popular Mechanics

A lot of talk about technology is making me wonder what we are actually capturing with sensors. In this Super Bowl we will see a lot of hidden technologies, like how athletes are using HRV and GSR sensors during the game to get data on what it’s like to play in the biggest game of your life. Unlike Tom Brady, most will only go to the Superbowl once, and similar to the olympics, we are swimming in a sea of adrenaline. Two visible coaches, Dave Tenney and Dr. Phil Wagner have both mentioned the word signature in their discussions. A signature is usually a unique pattern of the individual but how granular are we getting? Genomics? Tensiomyography? Pulse Technology? So far most will have their eyes and experience, but objective data confirms reality and not bias.

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