The Sorcerer’s Apprentices


Their situation was typified by James Price, a fellow of the Royal Society, who, in 1782, claimed to have turned mercury into silver using a white powder and into gold using a red one. The president of the society, Joseph Banks, denounced his work as charlatanism and demanded that he duplicate his experiments for the other fellows.


I suggest teams not spend money on AMS (athlete management systems) services without rethinking about the costs of what they are buying. Investing into any AMS should be based on specific solutions such as reducing steps, saving time, or using time more wisely. I prefer reducing steps as it makes things more likely to be free of errors and automates things, thus saving time indirectly. If you are a coach that wants good tools I would contact Mladen if you feel you need good management of training, and stay away from the companies that offer Holy Grails and cutting edge solutions. Most of the time when asked to see a screen shot of a dashboard the turning of lead into gold usually turns into a exercise of futility.

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