Howard Gray on Data and Sport Science


I thought I would respond to Howard’s discussion on the Adidas MiCoach Elite System. I have built custom GPS systems and made a few AMS systems, and the thoughts Howard expressed were very candid and on par with what needs to get done. The Moneyball Madness guest blog created some polarizing responses, but what is great is that it’s getting people talking about what is working and what is for show. I personally like the direction of what Adidas is trying to go, but the granularity is not strong enough to be impactful. What will is data that shows the underlying reasons of why the metrics are responding a certain way. For example an EMG with movement screens show the root problems, not a simplification of what is going on. Inshoe pressure shows the difference between functional and structural issues of foot function, not having someone use Optogait for stride length symmetry that we see with some clubs. I suggest reading Howard Gray’s blog as he is a sport science driven coach and represents an important step the US is taking with elite sport.

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Carl Valle

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