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I was watching a video from Kebba Tolbert with Tom Tellez being showcased on the shot, and it was pure genius. One of the difficult parts of coaching the shot is getting into the power position consistently every single time with new throwers. Every year I blank the brain out and get back to Dyson and Tellez on the mechanics of the events to get a pure perspective. I am worried that great coaches are not being celebrated enough and I suggest Learning from the Legends. Tom knows all of the events and is simply a master of coaching and his understanding of all of the events is so vital to coaches who are specializing early because of college jobs and the lack of High School coaching. When I was coaching HS I didn’t value the opportunity to coach all the events and missed out on the pole vault and distance events, but glad all the power events (sprints, jumps, and throws) interested me. Tom is very vanilla and that may not get young coaches excited, but trust me his purity of mechanics is invaluable.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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