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I encourage everyone that coaches to read the book No Easy Day by Mark Owen. I would never make the comparison of war and sport, but they are in deed similar in may ways. I respect the men and women domestic and abroad that do so many things to help our country, but the Navy SEALs are an amazing group of people. The book reads fast, and I was able to read it twice in one weekend. The first time for pleasure and the second time for learning as I fount it to be a great account to the reality of people in the field and the plans people have in offices. Very analogous to coaching. So much can be learned that I bought extra copies for friends in the coaching profession as it goes into the realities of luck, smart training, simple plans, and the execution. For example the attention to detail in uniform and equipment the day before missions, how even back up plans fail, the importance of a plan B, and communication. The mindset was not shocking or insane, just a few guys passionate about what they do. The book is hardback but likely to be softcover soon and is something I think everyone should read over.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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