A Potentiation Dead End ?


We all heard the story of someone squatting very heavy before Seoul, but what about deadlifting for soccer athletes? Post activation potentiation or PAP is a mixed bag when you think of some common protocols used by the masses or creative options. PAP is not not a free package of skittles to get into beastmode, it’s a chance depending on a lot of individual factors. While no specific formula or way to determine what is the right option for every individual, it seems that the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows that tuck jumps, deadlifting, and the French protocol isn’t delivering what is expected. So what can we learn from this?

Tuck Jumps are not pure indicators of power because the knees or feet come up high, so look at the top of the head for changes. Center of mass displacement is a key factor and some coaches use the chest or other markers to see if it’s a knee tuck or a true jump.

Deadlifts seem to be specific to the individual and can actually decrease performance if paired with the wrong person.

Warming up is specific to the activity you are doing, meaning vertical jumping and short sprints are not the same.

You need to test different warm-ups and see what works for each person in the task they are doing.

The French protocol didn’t seem to do much, and it looks like the results were not repeated in this soccer study. The cybex leg exercises (why someone would do this is a mystery) didn’t show any PAP and this must force the reader to question the original study.

At the end of the day it the control should be normal warming up procedures and not nothing. I hate when controls are nothing unless nothing is a normal standard. Whatever the method of get ready, it’s most likely a good idea to experiment and test what works and what may be the benefit of a great meet environment.

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