2 Day Speed Summit with Tom Tellez, Loren Seagrave and Mike Young for under $140


What if I told you you could attend 17 hours of lecture from the likes of Tom Tellez, Loren Seagrave, me and others for as little as $131. Crazy huh?

I’m very excited to announce I’ve been invited to present at a World Class Speed Summit in January 2013 with Tom Tellez, Loren Seagrave, Brad Deweese, Jay Dicharry, and Bill Parisi in New Jersey. If you want the details (with a killer coupon code and cost-saving tip), skip right to the end. If you want some context keep reading… Many friends from across the pond recently raved about the European Sprint & Hurdle Summit featuring Tom Tellez, Loren Seagrave, Pierre-Jean Vazel and others. While I’ve never met PJV I’ve worked with Tom and Loren before and can attest to their knowledge and your need to hear them in person. As a pre-teen I remember reading Tom Tellez’s work in the old Track Technique issues. The guy was and continues to be a LEGEND…having coached Carl Lewis, Mike Marsh, Leroy Burrell and many others. If his bio doesn’t speak for itself, in 2008 I organized the HPC ELITETRACK Gold Medal Clinic at the US Olympic Trials and was honored to have Tom as one of my presenters. It was an absolute treat to see him do his thing. Mid-60s at the time, Tom ran and jumped around stage with the energy of a child. His energy and passion for the sport were palpable. Loren is one of the greatest sprint coaches in American history. I was first introduced to Loren as a track-geek age-group athlete who loaned his Speed Dynamics VHS tapes from my track club. Later on in life, I would follow in Loren’s footsteps by coaching at LSU and then later still, we spent several weekends a month from 2010-2012 as travelling road show hotel roommates instructing coaches around the U.S. The kid inside me who grew up watching his tapes was smiling inside. So you can understand why I’m excited to be joining both Tom and Loren in New Jersey for what should be an outstanding summit on speed development. Here are the details:

The Speed Summit

  • Date: January 20-21st (MLK long weekend)
  • Place: Morristown Medical Center in Morrisville, NJ
  • Presenters: Tom Tellez, Loren Seagrave, Mike Young, Brad Deweese, Jay Dicharry and Bill Parissi (Bios can be found here)
  • Schedule: The tentative schedule and topics can be found here. The topics are outstanding. Be sure to check them out.
  • Cost: $150 if registered before January 5th, $200 if registering after January 5th
  • !!COST-SAVING!!!:You can earn a $10 discount if you use the coupon code Young when you register. If you print out the mail-in registration (where you can still use the coupon code) you’ll save an additional $9. That’s right, this clinic can be as little as $131!
  • REGISTRATION INFO HERE don’t forget to use coupon code Young for a $10 discount

This is a special opportunity as their are round tables, dinners and lunches scheduled with the presenters so you’ll get a chance to ask all those questions you might have. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Mike Young

Mike Young

Founder of ELITETRACK at Athletic Lab
Mike has a BS in Exercise Physiology from Ohio University, an MSS in Coaching Science from Ohio University & a PhD in Biomechanics from LSU. Additionally, he has been recognized as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, a Level 3 coach by USA Track & Field, a Level 2 coach by USA Weightlifting.
Mike Young


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Mike Young
Mike Young