Simple Progressions for Power


Developing power from KB swings is a myth and a compromise that doesn’t work. If you can’t hit the middle of the force time curve with power, choose the ends and something clear. I laugh when people rationalize how they are using heavy KB swings with athletes. I think it’s good for regular joes but for athletes, do something that can show up on the stopwatch or tape measure, not in a brilliant blog post that is nothing more than a scientific excuse of explaining why people should be allowed to exercise instead of training hard. Not everyone has to olympic lift, but attempts to olympic lift is a good direction because it is a natural screening process of being healthy. For developing power I think a good progression is body, ball, and then bar. Learn to jump and explode with your body, then be able to throw a medicine ball, then finally master the weights on a bar. Simple to complex. Internal before external. Classic Gambetta with more horsepower. Don’t wait for the weight room. While coordination is fermenting before the full olympic lifts can be started, one can do single leg and front/backs squats to develop. I don’t find the shaping method helps athletes lift better when you have access to such little time in the weight room. Focusing on all elements from the LSU inventory has helped me more than the USWL education.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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