Monitoring Fatigue – Checkmate or Checkered?


With the quest for more and more answers and information, the FAMSport company from Oulu Finland has produced a 15 second test of readiness. With any start-up company looking for early adopters and investors, the question is does this piece of equipment work, and if it does what is it telling us? From the look of the video here, I am a curious how this score is going to guide coaches into deciding if they are to push the envelope, reduce the work load, or get a day off. What is it measuring? Does electrostimulation give enough data for us to decide what is appropriate for the CNS? If the body is ready generally but the body is nagging with an achilles issue, no way would I say let’s go hard. Ironically down the road another Finish company is using pupillography for the iPhone 5 to get readings in 4 seconds while ensuring the person tested is really the athlete getting monitored (biometrics). With athletes having an entourage living with them how do you know it’s them giving those wonderful sleep and activity scores rather than the high school pal sleeping in the guest house or the dog running around with the fitbit on his collar?

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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