Power Posture – Bad Research


I am a fan of Greg’s blog on therapy as he has no bias towards gimmicks, but throwing out the baby with skepticism sometimes can lead to misleading summaries. I love science, technology, research, but also history and simple logic of the obvious. Saying we can change posture through exercise easily is garbage, but crushing the olympic lifts and challenging real posture does work. Rolling around like babies will start to make an impact provided that serious manual therapy is done first and mobile bodies are ready to be shaped. When Micheal Irvin use to beat his chest it was awesome and I rarely see world class olympic lifters look like Mr. Burns from the simpson. Coaches are Marionette Masters and you can see the anti-gravity changes to the spine with a Zebris set-up. A lot of lame research is out there, and some of the good stuff is unpublished so we need not have the perfect study to defend arguments.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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