Zombie Carries


Is it me or are we getting a bit carried away here with implement walks and now circuits? Farmers walks, corrective carries, bottoms up carries? I am not against more exercises or variations, because you need to eventually choose something in training, but can you take those exercises out and still get athletes prepared? Yes. So what are the alternatives? You can do some of the Mach exercises with sandbags and do hurdle mobility with medicine balls if needed, but this should be sprinkled in, not overdosed on. I have read Stu’s strongman research and felt it was great, but I am not going to believe that Asafa Powell got fast from Super Yoke walks and Calvin Johnson became Megatron after a 4 week block of suitcase carries. Just because something is activated or recruited doesn’t mean that the exercise is the right option. I do like the fact that it’s core training standing up and it’s anti-gravity, but incidental work comes from training. Add 6 more steps after a barbell squat walk out during the fall and you will see similar benefits without resorting to silly relays.

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Carl Valle

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