Fingerprints and Signatures?


“The way you run is as unique as a fingerprint,” he says. “Two people could run the same distance in the same time, but the dynamic stress load is different for everyone.”

-Alan Clarke, CEO of Ireland-based StatSports

While I think Alan is right here with regards to the uniqueness of each athlete, he system isn’t able to really capture the true data required to really analyze loading of the body. His company’s software and hardware simply doesn’t have the power and engineering to provide such granularity. Force plates may provide COP, but it’s the reasons why or the holistic sum of the athlete that makes them unique. I am not a sports psychologist but I think the first step is getting trust and agreement with the athlete. You can get Tendo scores of cleans in the afternoon, but if they are eating garbage and at night clubs at 4am does it matter? I think the true sign of a coach is what the athlete does with their athlete during the time they are with them to allow them to truly perform when nobody is looking.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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