Atlanta to Arsenal – GPS and the rise of the Big Data Hype in Sports


The Atlanta Falcons have moved on to GPS systems to reduce injuries, and based on what is happening over at the EPL I don’t see the influence of GPS changing the game. Like any tool, it has limits, but now everyone is looking at sensor technology to revolution sport. Nobody loves technology as much as I do, but let’s be honest here, are we doing the right things now with the basics? Arsenal is not exactly injury free and by the list on physioroom the limits of a glorified iPod isn’t helping with more complex injuries. We are getting close, but save your money with Eliteform and spend it on people and better education. Colleges should skip the middleman and not play we got it first when they are the the beta testers to the new problems. I suggest reading the Stephen Few article before listening to the people selling the athlete management systems available to day.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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