What do you bring to training?


It’s not enough to come to training and bring a drink and hope for the best. Catch up with friends. Have a chat about your boyfriend, school, your parents, your work.

You need to bring your game. Michael Owen said “If you don’t give 100% in training you won’t be able to give 100% in the game”. So bring your game to training. Get there early. Get in the zone. Mentally prepare yourself for what you’re about to do. If you don’t know what you’re about to do, why not? Make it your business to know. If your coach can’t make it for some reason, you should be able to carry on anyway.

Make every step, from the warm up lap to the warm down, count. Every action you take in training has a purpose. Purposeful practice is all that counts to your 10,000 hours. Practice does not make perfect.P erfect practice makes perfect. Every drill should be perfectly executed. Every rep should be perfectly executed. Mentally you should be focused on what you are executing.

If you should be running a short rep at 100% and you can run an 11.0s 100m then your rep should be at that speed. Why can you run 11.0s in a race if you can’t do it in training? Do it in training and in a competition you will run 10 point something. Run 10 point something in a race and then you know you can run that, so next time you go to training that’s what you do. It becomes your new norm.

Don’t waste your effort, your pain, your time. Don’t waste the effort, the pain and the time of your team-mates. Don’t waste the effort and time of your coach. Make every second oftraining count.

Lee Ness

Lee Ness

Sprint Coach and Coaching Coordinator at City of Salisbury Athletics and Running Club
Lee Ness is a coach in the UK. He has a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Engineering. He is the Sprint Coach and Coaching Coordinator for City of Salisbury Athletics and Running Club. He is also Coaching Coordinator and Team Manager for Wiltshire Athletics Association. He has a Level 2 UKA coaching license and a level 1 FA badge. He has written for Athletics Weekly and contributes to a few websites.
Lee Ness

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