Patient, Smooth, and Efficient – Analyzing Top 100m performances


The reason athletes may be accelerating longer is not because they are necessarily waiting, they are not rushing foot strike and letting the race unfold with greater speeds. Faster equals further. If you are confident that you will win, you will not tighten up trying to race properly. My personal belief is the reason athletes are running faster is that they are simply better runners and using what they have better. What we get from looking at the best races is that less mistakes exist and the 100m dash is smoother. Years ago we would see great starters, closers, or guy with great top speed. Now everyone has a complete race as the event is actually still evolving. Getting in longer and smoother (yes sometimes slower) speeds may help compliment a program. Add in fresh legs from not doing indoors and perhaps the islanders are taking advantage of conventional wisdom.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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