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I am not sure how much Eliteform is exactly, but it’s not going to be cheap from what I heard. Open ZeusEye is going to be a free software option (plus 1,200 american dollars per station for hardware) for coaches to design and implement weight training. After the World Cup, a paperless weight room was created by a team of great coaches and IT staff, and now the system is effective enough to be ready for college football and pro sports. I like the direction Eliteform is going but here are some problems clearly shown by their videos that they need to rethink a few things.

(1) From the soccer presentation it’s clear that they are using low grade motion cap that is not detecting very important variables such as weight and who is lifting. The demo of the video shows no indications of weight and who is lifting, as Skip was lifting for Bentley! Also I didn’t see 315 begin done so the data was bogus. The slicing idea is nice and Malcolm perhaps sold a few more books from the interview, but it’s just not happening. RFID?

(2) The top/front view is hardly a best practice with biomechanics. Does anyone in elite sport use that angle? I do like the idea of each lift being recorded for accountability and for safety. A video can tell a lot and that was a good idea, but IP cameras are better options with correct set-ups. Of course someone will be posting injuries on youtube with a soundtrack of the current rap star.

(3) Touch screens need a stylus on a chain. Unless this is a glorified Koko FitClub, sweat and chalk will be creating a mess.

(4) Workflow is poor with the demo, as I don’t know how they are going to get the data for corrective exercise programs, traditional dumbbell work, and crowded weight rooms. Unless they have the entire weight room lit up with 250,000 worth of wireless chips on every weight, dumbbell, and other equipment.

I can go more into the problems, but a lot of hard engineering and problem solving was done to get this system in place and I praise the people for their hard work. I would tell teams to wait for the above changes and for about a dozen that OZE provides. Unfortunately the US doesn’t have many sports technologists that can support pro and college teams, so it will be a few years.

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