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The use of Catapult in the professional sports arena is valuable, but the primary question is why all of the disagreement? 80% of the injuries are preventable according to Raymond Verheijen, as he believes fatigue is the problem. It’s more likely the combination of being tired from excessive games compounded by weight room practices that resemble Jane Fonda toning (read activation) sessions. When athletes are tired do you get them more tired from lifting or just kind of do something and cross your fingers? Not something I would want to deal with. Craig Duncan thinks his GPS system is helping and I think he is right, but does it matter if they are playing half the games the EPL plays? What about the type of athlete at various leagues including playing style? My toyota has never broken down ever, but it’s easier to keep a honda civic healthy than a Lambo. Many things to think about.

My guess is that GPS is sort of like a pitch count in baseball, how is that working out? The good news is that the technology is getting better and smaller, so less rebellion to wearing the pods. I think people throw away (literally) the GPS data or think it’s a magic scroll. Bashing the technology is not the solution, second guessing the users isn’t either. I do think in time we will see smarter and healthy relationships with the coaches so better interventions can be made. At the end of the year everyone is going to be tired, so it’s a smart idea to make sure you are less tired than everyone else. Everyone detrains a bit, but who detrains the least will be in the best shape.

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