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In November of 2009 I got an email showing an algorithm that was attempted to look at player injuries in soccer, and I knew that the sports world in South Africa was not going to look at screening from a flagging perspective. While I think screening (gross and highly drilled down) is important, we are still seeing injury rates increase in sport. Much of it is the fixtures and scheduling here both over the pond and domestically, but I think patching a roof sometimes needs to be looked at as the problem and not the solution. Build a new roof, not patch a leaking one. Johan Serfontein algorithm was much of the talk at private therapy seminars, as anyone with a brain realized things were changing. Fast forward today, the Joint by Joint theory was reviewed on the internet without much hoopla. It was great to see a balanced view, but the reception was rather empty. Anyone that reads this blog consistently will see that I praise slightly more than I criticize negatively, and right now I show preferences instead of limitations. Nobody wants to wake up and read that their system is dated or inaccurate, as it forces people to go back to the drawing board. When I saw that the body was summarized as a totem of alternating characteristics of binary qualities, I admired the general pattern but found the information to be too compartmentalized. One example is the knee needing stability, when in reality I find that the joint is rather solid, but the areas need eccentric strength and range of motion around the joint. Anyone dealing with an elite jumper will see that soft tissue length at the quad helps create a buffer, and you are not gong to get great benchmarks without hands on work. Note: I wish foam rolling was effective, as manual therapy is expensive and hard work and someone has to do it or pay for it. I just don’t see any real data to show how effective it is with heavy training. Kinesiology students in research studies or athletes not in the middle of training are not doing GPP cycles that the Cuban triple jumpers are doing! Without objective measurements we need to take everything with a grain of salt. Millions of people did crunches and love feeling the burn, but we have supposedly seen the light here but can’t for other practices? Millions of people can’t read but that is not evidence of enlightenment either. Rant over. My goal is not to tear down the JBJ system but to remodel it and be more clear with things. For example, Jeff Cubos talked about the Y- Balance test and how he was looking for visual symmetry, ye the test was summarized with 4 cm scoring. Good objective data, incomplete in breakdown of the test. The problem is not the test, it’s how it’s evaluated and how it’s extrapolated. Currently I have yet to see a report that shows a checklist that would satisfy an astronaut getting ready for flight. While extreme, million dollar bodies need million dollar minds to help us make a true change in the sports medicine profession.With the reports of professional soccer players taking pain killers like rockstars or actors, it’s time to wake up and revamp the medical and performance side of things.

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