Benchmarks and Milestones


We have benchmarks and milestones in place,” Falsone said of Kemp’s previous rehab. He achieved all those benchmarks and milestones, or he wouldn’t have been out there playing. We will put him through the same repetition as before … but we have to take a little longer to do it this time.

Sue Falsone- LA Dodgers PT

One of the common phrases and themes of the last few years with medical interventions is milestones and benchmarks. With the time course (timelines) of many studies on repair, specific periods have very important changes that are often called milestones in rehab, including functional status. TMG will be in the US this year as many coaches were exposed to the use of the european system by the Nike Basketball Clinic and by BSMPG. As rehabilitation and performance become more professional and evidence based, we will see stronger relationships and removal of past dogma. Attached here is a simple chart by BSMPG presenter Jose Fernandez as it doesn’t take an expert to see what is going on with the hamstring injury above.

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