A Mixed Bag- Periodization Reality


I don’t want to be negative or realistic but training is about benchmarks or measured improvement that is expected. The improvement is above average ideally, and training should test one’s observations. I have talked about watered down vertical integration and how mixed messages can be made without clarity. Block training sometimes the answer, but many coaches can get results without the luxury of long off seasons like track coaches have with strength and conditioning. Without valid and reliable testing, be it specific or general, it becomes an internet debate on what is ideal. Team sports it’s hard to see what transfers but generally field tests and basic body data tells enough. Track is a different beast, but time will tell if the same empty lane of the 4×1 exists because of injury plagues. Each biomotor ability should have a biomotor benchmark, be it subjective on a piece of paper or the most sophisticated system at a national training center.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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