Gait Screening- Vindication or Validation?


One example of drilling down on an injury is the rash of fifth metatarsal fracture injuries described as “freak” to some sports medicine staff. In a classic study on pressure mapping it was found that acceleration placed more pressure on the fifth metatarsal than other movements in sport, showing clear relationships with different type of foot strikes. The data uses specific forces and timing, thus labeling with a high amount of precision, something I don’t think can be found in any of the 7 screens on the FMS.

FMS Interview- EliteTrack

After Hakeem Nicks broke his other foot, I think it’s time for an acceptance that general movement screens should incorporate pressure mapping with professional sports. I feel bad for Hakeem, as the Giants have done pressure mapping in a research study years ago. With the injury so early, it’s not weight room scheme or training load, it’s likely to be structural and not functional.

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