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I wasn’t surprised when Eric Cressey decided to invest into technology, but was surprised he chose Fitocracy. For those that don’t know what the app and online service, it’s a competition style social platform that encourages behavior change. So far, Eric is one of the earliest adopters to get seriously involved with this, and it’s likely because New Balance isn’t big in the social media or team sport world like Adidas and Nike. At the BMSPG Keith presented similar uses of technology with high end tools that are objective and validated, but diet and recording the lifts is the trickiest. As I have disconnected myself from Linkedin, Twitter, and now Facebook, social media to me is aggregated on my cloud server to see the weighed value of all of the Big Data out there. How does one track 14,565 professional athletes, thousands of coaches and therapists, and now high school and college students? Are we tracking or are we spying and harvesting their data and eyeball attention for advertising?

With the change of the mobile app, does Eric want to use smartphones with his athletes at Cressey performance? Will he be using the same excel templates or will he go wireless? Knowing of his No cellphone policy, this is going to be tricky since he is now doubling and segregating data. I love his no cell phone policy and I use a simple iPod touch 4g now for very minimal data collection because the sensors are now so effective today. 3 taps in a workout is what I want, because less surprises is my philosophy. I will review more about the Day Zero of the BSMPG, but the revolution is real with data and performance. No longer will you be able to slap a few photos and buzzwords on powerpoint at conferences anymore, since the attendees are now data hungry maniacs.

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