The Flo Jo Workout – 6 x 160m with 2 minutes rest?


Another controversy is the infamous 6 x 160m sprints at 16.4 seconds. Some say it never happened. Some say it was a typo. Some say it was real but don’t want to get into details publicly. Was it a flying run and not a standing start? Did it happen? In order to run 16.6 electronic (practice time) how is it compared to her 200m PB? More importantly when did it happened during the year. Effort is something I don’t care about unless it’s pacing because perceived exertion is not as good as times if you can get them. Was she setting a world record record in practice? Did she go 21.0 six times? Of course not. The video shares that it was a running (not fly) 160m run and it was too grainy to see the lead time. How many reps were done nobody knows as the VHS tape never showed the entire practice. Before twitter and youtube many of the confirmation videos are not available. It’s important to do the math to see if it’s possible time wise before we debate physiology.

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