Curve Running Revisited- Lateral forces and Reality


I don’t know if the research on lateral forces is going to create the Adductor Assassin or if the internet is going to create a side leg elevated lateral sled drag exercise but this is something to think about when dealing with running relays or the curve in the 200 and perhaps 400 events. The reality is Bolt and Blake are not doing special exercises to get their sub 19.5s. In fact, the resultant or pattern may look similar, but with higher rates of sampling we can see the unique fingerprint of sprinters. Horiztonal, vertical, and lateral forces are important, but the key is the speed they are going and why kinematically. Kinetically some things are good to see if visual patterns are too small to see at high speeds, but we must think how people are getting faster via history, not theory or hoping an epub ahead of print will reveal the secrets. The secrets are wide open and obvious. Training design over years is the number one variable, not a special muscle or exercise. Focus on running right, having a solid lifting program, and get prepared with general exercises.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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