Jump Tests- Mastering the Basics


Power has many different flavors, but the stronger the flavor, the better. The most interesting aspect of power today is I am seeing less and less power development. Excuses such as movement quality, transfer, power endurance (repeated weak ability for proponents), regeneration needs, and keeping people healthy seem to be the rage. My concern is that without power, we are going to continue to see a decline in performance and an increase of injuries. Speed of movement is nice, but power is an expression of output. Power is usually an expression to one’s weight, so it’s wise to measure jumps to see how training is working, along with different types of jumps to get elastic and static power. When Henk Kraaijenhof mentioned doing the bosco tests I got worried. Does this current batch of coaches in the US know how to do a real series of jump testing? I think it’s a good reminder to read Marco’s post on the Bosco tests to ensure we are doing the fundamental sport science.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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