Soft, Lazy, and not Focused- Measuring Effort


When athletes spend most of their times lying getting self-massage and doing rehab like activities, how do we trust that they are going to push conditioning, show up on time, and eat and sleep properly? I find it so interesting for people to talk about video analysis and analytics when basic effort is never shared during presentations. So an athlete shows up late and does drills and exercise sloppily. How do we evaluate this? How many times have we shared very good instructions to an athlete and nothing was done? What happens when a minor league baseball player or college athlete gets comfortable after a big contract? Excuses such as my foundation or sponsor had a meeting today so I couldn’t train. Yet in college they were training at 6:15am before class? As work ethic declines I am seeing more slack by coaches trying to keep athletes happy with entertrainment workouts that are more cool than hard. Let’s work on recovery or statements about movement quality are brought up because guys are out of shape.

Why do an omega wave reading on a guy who skips the weight workout without punishment? Why do vision training when each night he parties all the time? Why research amino acid profiles of protein drinks when guys are passed out in the back of hummer limos? The most obvious needs are the least popular. Nobody wants to be the bad cop or be captain black beard. I am interested in ways to focus on getting people to buy in or change habits by peer pressure, culture change, and motivation more than ever. Those things are gold, and without them, the details don’t add up.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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