Product Review – Planning Training for the Jumping Events


I recently sat down to watch a great release from Boo Schexnayder — Planning Training for the Jumping Events. This is an online educational program where Boo thoroughly examines and explains the ingredients necessary for good jump training programs. The program is made up of 8 modules, a frequently asked question, and bonus materials. In these modules he patiently lays out the all of important elements that go into designing a good speed-power training program.

He begins with the training inventory, and goes through the warm-up. In this process he explains how various types of warm-up routines can achieve a myriad of goals. He talks about and shows what goes into appropriate warm up routines for general vs. speed-power days/neural days. He gives excellent guidelines for how to decide to break up your seasonal plan into general prep, specific prep, and competitive training phases. There are guidelines are tailored for diverse populations such as short junior high seasons, athletes coming from different sports, indoor and outdoor seasons, and those who have the benefit of a long preseason (e.g., NCAA Div I coaches).

Other modules include Run Training Components/Assembling the Run Training Program; Weight Training/Assembling Weight Training; Multijump and Multithrow Training/Assembling Multijump & Multithrow Training; General Training/Assembling General Training; Peaking and Premeet Training Design and Sample Training Cycles.In these sections Boo thoroughly goes through the philosophy for each of the sections and the shows the various components. In the assembling part he tells you how to put the pieces together and how to progress them in both a micro and macro sense.

If you are a beginning coach understanding (and implementing) the concepts set forth here will save you years of hitting your head against the wall. It will provide you with the tools you need to help your athletes in any of the speed-power events.

If you are an experienced coach this program provides many nuances of how to make important tweaks and will give you deep insight into how a an excellent teacher and accomplished coach thinks. It gives you not only the what, but more importantly the why. As someone who has seen Boo present and speak dozens of times over the last 15 years and who has adhered to the philosophy presented in this program, I can attest to its benefits.

In all, this program is a peek behind the veil of a master coach and teacher. At only $100 through Friday evening (after that it goes up to $147) it’s a steal and an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. You can get it here Boo – Masterclass.

Kebba Tolbert

Kebba Tolbert

Sprints - Hurdles - Jumps Coach at Harvard
Kebba Tolbert is in his third season as the women’s sprints/hurdles and horizontal jumps coach for Harvard in 2013-14 and second as associate head coach of the squad. Tolbert has coached multiple All-Americans and National Champions. .
Kebba Tolbert


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